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Information for Participants

Event Overview

Cyclists and walkers of all ages are invited to seek sponsors who will undertake to pay an agreed sum of money for each church / chapel visited (or a total amount). Some 64 places of worship will be open for participants in Rutland together with churches in adjacent counties. In 2015 we introduced a new category for teams of cyclists whose objective is that every one of the 64 churches be visited by at least one member of the team. See below for details.

Date: Saturday 14th September 2019

Time: 10 am - 6pm


Begin by downloading a copy of the registration form (you can also obtain a copy from your local church organiser). The information on the form will help you identify the churches in Rutland that you hope to visit, record the time you visited each church on the day and record your off-line sponsors (cash) so that you can collect your money later.

Many of you will be expecting a combined form as in previous years but many got so wet in 2017 that we have split them into two and you should leave the sponsor forms at home on the day and just carry the churches visited form.

Please complete the top section on the back page of the form with your name & address and nominated church (if any). Please retain this form until after the event when it should be sent, along with your Record of churches visited form, and any cash, to your local Church Organiser.

Alternatively, register by contacting the County Organiser, Richard Foulkes, at

If you are not starting from your nominated church, please make sure beforehand that your local church organiser knows you are taking part. Participants may be taken by car to their first church and picked up again at the last.

Click the link to download:

After the event, please collect your sponsorship money (unless your sponsors are using Just Giving) and hand it to the church organiser of your nominated church. Cheques should be made payable please to Rutland Historic Churches Preservation Trust.

Ride+Stride for the 'Not so Mobile'

Why should those folks who are not so mobile not be able to take part in Ride + Stride? Since 2013, you have been able to use cars (or minibuses and such like) to be driven to churches in Rutland. All you then have to do is walk the short distance up the church path, or use your wheelchair, to sign in at churches you visit.

The use of cars is NOT for those who are normally capable of cycling, running or walking. We intend this category to be for those who are elderly or disabled in some way and may be driven by relatives, friends, care home staff, volunteers, etc. The driver should be able to assist you and will wait for you while you sign in before taking you to the next village.

What to do next:

  • Follow the instructions above to register for the event
  • Find someone who will transport you (plus a few not so mobile friends)
  • Get generous sponsorship from your family and friends
  • If you really can’t take part on the day, sponsor someone else.


In 2015 we introduced Starbursters who are cycling teams of any size who set off together and whose objective is that one or more member should visit every one of the 64 churches in Rutland.

Rutland has too many churches to visit in one day so split your team up so that every one of our 64 churches is visited by at least one member of the team. Many will split the team into two or three groups following different routes across the county. Each “group” could be a single person but because it is more pleasant to travel in pairs (or more) we do not mind how many are in a group. Since we do not mind the size of each group, nor the number of groups spreading out from each team’s starting point, it follows that a Starburster team could be any size.

  • Each member needs a sponsorship form and this should be presented at each church visited.
  • Teams should start from a single place and start together.
  • It makes sense to start from the centre of the county so teams from villages at the edges may want to start from a church nearer the centre.
  • There is a map of Rutland on the Participant registration form showing the location of its churches and where there are more than one. This will help you plan. Also see Planning Your Route below.
  • Teams should register with the leader’s church organiser.
  • When the event is finished, the team leader should return the sponsorship forms of the team members stapled together with a cover sheet confirming the completion of the 64 church challenge.

For further details about 'Not So Mobile' and Starburster team participation please contact Mr Richard Foulkes on 01572 722192 or email:


You will have from 10.00 am until 6.00 pm on the day to get to as many churches as you would like - or can manage!

At the last count, there were 64 places of worship in Rutland but you can also include those in adjoining counties as well.

There will be recorders to check you in at most churches/chapels and most will have refreshments on offer too!

Plan Your Route

There are two ways to plan your route; by using our Route Planner spreadsheet or by using Google Maps. See our Plan your route page for more details.

Get Sponsored!

You can obtain sponsorship online or in person. See our Sponsorship & Gift Aid page for more details.

Below are some ideas for potential sponsors:

  • Friends and family
  • Colleagues at work or from your leisure pursuits
  • Local supporters of the Church building – some who do not attend church regularly – this is not a religious event but everyone expects the Church to be there when they need it!
  • Local businesses, perhaps where you are a customer
  • Your employer - some employers will have a charitable giving 'pot of funds' and may even match the amount you raise on a £ for £ basis

You can find lots more information about how to get sponsorship on our Tips for Fundraising page.

For those who know what they are about and want to set up their Just Giving webpage quickly click the link to go straight to the Rutland Ride & Stride Just Giving page.

Safety - Important - Please Read!

It is a condition of entry that, save to the extent required by law, the trustees of the Rutland Historic Churches Preservation Trust accept no liability in respect of death or injury sustained by any participant in this sponsored event.

Please observe the following guidelines for a safe and enjoyable day:

  • Police advise all cyclists to ride in single file and not in large groups.
  • Study the cycling section of the Highway Code before the event.
  • Ensure that your bicycle is roadworthy.
  • Plan your route in advance to avoid/minimise busy roads. Always turn left rather than right if possible!

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